You should know where your food comes from and that it is clean and free of pesticides. USDA Organic is free of pesticides and other chemicals.

What foods do Americans think are the most healthful?

  • 71% of shoppers include fruit, & vegetables, or high-fiber foods as the top strategy for improving health
  • 85% of moms with kids under age 12 say their children eat vegetables, and 76% of moms with kids under age 12 say their children eat fruit, on a weekly basis
  • Fresh broccoli consumption increased by 1/3 and fresh carrots by 1/5 – FoodTechnology 8/ 2003 VOL. 7, NO.8


How does Golden Flax Seed lower cholesterol levels?

  • 5 times as much fiber as oatmeal
  • 75 times the amount of antioxidants in broccoli
  • 6 times the phytoestrogens of soy!
  • 10g of Flax Seed = 1% reduction in total cholesterol and 1.5% reduction in LDL cholesterol – The Flax Council of Canada


Why is Omega Golden Flax Seed superior to other types of flax seed?

  • Omega Golden Flax Seed is the “Designer Seed of Flax.” It was created by South Dakota & North Dakota State Universities to yield higher levels Omega 3 & 6 oils.
  • It requires stringent growing criteria to produce the best hybrid seed.
  • Golden flax is not genetically modified.


How do you identify Omega Golden Flax Seed?

The best way is to test it yourself.

  • Is it Shiny? Our flax seed is between 48-53% oil.
  • Are they plump seeds not small and flat?
  • Does it taste sweet and nutty?
  • Does it crunch and then get gummy? Good flax seed with plenty of fiber and oil will start crunchy and then be gummy.


Bulk vs. packaged Omega Golden Flax Seed

  • Flax seed packaging maintains the highest processing standards for Omega Golden Flax Seed.
  • The flax seeds are thoroughly filtered, cleaned and untouched by human hands before packaging.
  • Many seeds are lost in the cleaning and packaging process.
  • Packaged seed is a superior product and provides superior results.


What is the difference between organic and non-organic Omega Golden Flax Seed?

  • Organic flax seed is grown on organic fields with no nitrogen.
  • Non-organic Omega Golden Flax Seed is grown with nitrogen (fertilizer) to provide oxygen, starve out weeds and create a higher quality of oil and fiber.


What is brown flax seed?

  • Brown flax can be eaten; however, it is grown for the commercial linseed oil, paint, and solvents industries.
  • The Omega Golden Flax Seed is preferred for the food market and no pesticides are used in its production.


How does Omega Golden Flax Seed help weight loss?

  • Taking ground flax seed a half hour before your main meals in large glass of water or juice can make you less hungry.


What amount of seeds should diabetics take?

  • 2 Tablespoons ground 1/2 hour before meals, may aids in lowering glucose (sugar) level and may reduce hunger throughout the day.
  • It may suppress the appetite, and may clean the intestinal walls.
  • Mucilage(outer casing of seed) acts like a sponge attracting and absorbing bacteria and then eliminates it.


Why seed instead of oil?

  • The seed has all the oil, fiber and lignans, unlike the oil.
  • Oil is costly, goes rancid and wasted, as the body metabolizes substances slowly like the ground seeds. Seeds are alive, cleanse and give healing oxygen to the cells.
  • Pills are costly