Golden Flax Seed Gallon 96 oz.


Golden Flax Seed product is sold in seed form in a sealed container that you can reseal for freshness. Mix it in juice, soups, on top of salads, cereal, ice cream, pizza or anything you like to eat.

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96 oz. Whole Flax Seed

Golden Flax Seed one gallon size is a 3 month supply for one person.

What makes our flax different than our competitors? Our flax seed is pesticide free. We triple clean our flax seed before it is packaged in a sanitary, clean, resealable container. We do not put it in bags or bulk bins. We want to maintain quality control and the only way that can be done is to be in control of the packaging process. Our flax seed is never touched by human hands! Only the best seeds are put in our jar!

Flax oil Omega 3 rich fiber is 11.7 grams & high in lignans. Golden flax oil is one of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acid. This fatty acid is considered essential for the body as our body cannot produce Omega 3 oil. Dietary sources are the only means of obtaining Omega 3.

Flax seed is full of fiber; our Golden Flax Seed is 11.7 grams of fiber! Not all flax seed is created equal. Our flax seed is grown in the best soil and conditions to make a quality flax seed available to you!