We found that our cholesterol went down 30 points and continues to go down. It keeps you healthy!
-Lynn, age 64 (February, 2014)

The doctor wanted me to use pills for my cholesterol. I asked if I could try first with diet and exercise. After three months I lowered my numbers by 63 pts. He was glad to hear how I did it. I told him I used flax seed and along with doing more exercise. P.S. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I quit eating ice cream.
-Gary, Age 68 (February, 2014)

Ellen, I enjoyed talking to you last week. My flax arrived today..as promised, thanks!

Oddly enough I had been reading about the many benefits of natural ground flax seed early 2009….so as though it were meant to be….I came across Flax USA at the Home and Garden show…I have always been health conscious, believing in prevention verses fixing. My only health issue was an occasional bout with irritable bowel mainly due to stress….This product has allowed me to eliminate 3 daily (capsule) supplements…and a fiber source that did not provide nearly the fiber benefit I receive from ground flax…Plus all that from an ORGANIC NATURAL SOURCE!!

In the last 9 months I have not had one bout of IBS….stress will always be a part of our lives….but it is not longer affecting my gut…healthy digestive track is majorly important to good health.

Thanks, Jacqueline Prior Lake, MN


“First time in 57 years that my constipation has gone away and I’m regular again.”

Thank you Fabulous Flax Seed…

Joint Pain,

“I needed a knee replacement. Since I have used Flax seed everyday, it has improved my pain by 75-80%.”

Thank you

Joint Pain,

“I have had joint pain since 1992. Since I started using Flax seed in 2005, I have not had any joint pain.”


“I have been using two tablespoons of Flax seed per day for the past three plus years. Since then my cholesterol dropped from 250 to 190 over a 50 point drop.”


My cholesterol dropped 30 points.


“I started taking 1 1/2 T. of flaxseed in Feb. 2009 with high cholesterol. My
next check up was four months later. My cholesterol dropped 72 points,
without changing my diet. My doctor couldn’t believe it. I am sold-thank
you! I have been telling everyone.”

Kathy B.
Age 59
Chariton, IA

Six weeks on flax reduced my prostrate cancer from 7 to 6 prior to surgery.

Al B.
Stillwater, MN

Hormone Balancing,
Sandy Age 45

I discovered flax at a fair. I was experiencing hot flashes from menopause. It’s amazing how fast it worked. I would have to say my relief was immediate. It absolutely stopped my cold sweats. I have been telling all my friends and family and it works for them too!
One of my 60 y.o. friends has been able to go off hormone replacements that she was on for twenty years. Her doctor wanted her not to go off of them because she has a family history of high blood pressure and heart problems. She just could not go off because of her symptoms being so severe. Then she started to use flax lignans. She stopped her hormone replacement and started to use flax the same day. Why don’t more doctors recommend something natural?

Immune Enhancer,
Colleen Age 47

One year ago I had a lot of sinus and yeast infections and was going through a very messy divorce. I was trying to get my body healthy to deal with the stress. I began seeing a chiropractor in Nov. ’07 and met Ellen at a show a few months later. The combination of eating better, seeing a chiropractor and taking my flax and lignans has helped a lot. My headaches and sinus infections have stopped. One year later I haven’t had a yeast or sinus infection, headaches, or colds. I used to get headaches all the time and infections and colds several times a year. Overall, flax is so healthy for your body!


“My 15 year old son eczema and after using Flax seed for 3 weeks all has disappeared.”


Weight Loss,
Barb Age 55

I started taking flax in the summer of 2007 after encountering Hoiland’s booth at a street fair in Minnesota. Six months later I had dropped 50 lbs. I was also exercising and reducing my
caloric intake (especially beer), but I attribute the biggest boost to the flax.